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Easy Way To Fix Hard Drive Not Found During Windows XP Setup

Today’s blog post is meant to help you if you can’t find your hard drive during Windows XP setup.

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    If your configuration no longer works, you will receive a message that the hard drive was not found. You may also receive a 0x0000007B stop: error. To resolve this issue, change the drive mode in the BIOS. If your SATA drive is supported, ahci users can use the original F6 car drive when installing Windows XP.

    Sorry, I assumed you meant version, but I’m still not sure due to lack of information.

    If you are booting Windows XP to your computer using a hard drive or an acpi compatible hard drive, you may need a third party driver.

    Why is my HDD not being detected?

    The BIOS will never recognize a non-hard drive if the entire data cable is damaged or if the new connection is incorrect. ConvinceAll in all, the SATA cables are securely connected to the SATA hole. The easiest way to test the cable is to replace it with another cable.

    on win7 it might be better. I haven’t been asked too many questions about driver installation of the controller in Win7.

    The rescue,
    Now I am using Windows Vista operating system. startup When I have to install Windows XP, I got one. mr. errors always follow.
    The installer did not find any hard drives on the installed computer.

    make sure that all CDs or hard drives are turned on and properly connected to the computer, and that all hard drive-related hardware configurations are adjusted. This may require running a reliable diagnostic program supplied or installed by the manufacturer.

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  • advise me what to do?



    The MiniTool Partition Wizard article provides 6 ways to fix a hard drive that was not detected during Windows Setup. If you are worried about the same problem, you can certainly try them one by one to solve it positively.

    Note. This post is about Windows and not many operating systems such as Mac OS X and Linux as Windows is one of the most widely used computer operating systems in the world.


    This article contains information about reinstallation, disk cloning, and Windows SSD transfer, which, unfortunately, can help you choose a new suitable method for creating a new Windows.

    Does Windows XP support SATA HDD?

    Not all “windows XP” support SATA natively, but mainly support IDE. So we need to submit a driver order to use your SATA hard disk. Otherwise, this error is likely to appear before Windows XP installation: The installer did not look for an installed hard drive on your computer.

    Are you having problems with not being able to install Windows on a disk such as MBR disk, GPT disk and dynamic disk? Here are the best solutions to speed up Windows installation. This

    Advice. Errors can be caused by many factors, so it is not difficult for most people to find the right one. Of course, finding an effective cleanser in a short time is not easy, and people may have to try some of our solutions aboutbottom after another.

    hard disk not found on windows xp installation

    Advice. If you want to use a bootable wizard partition disk, you will probably need to burn the resulting ISO file to a CD, DVD, or USB stick. See How to create boot partitions manager to create a bootable hard drive.

    Advice. Human is software that allows your desktop computer to interact with or simply interact with hardware devices. Without the correct Universal Serial Bus driver, or the device you are trying to successfully use will not work properly. Similarly, a type of storage controller is a driver software that controls how the hard drive interacts with the rest of the PC. Without a truck driver with the proper memory controller, your hard drive won’t be able to function properly.

    Advice. If you chose the second option, download the appropriate driver that your computer supports in advance.

    Advice. This system turned out to be useful only for a small percentage of users, therefore,most likely it is not suitable for your situation. Moreover, this technical solution is recommended when installing Windows on an SSD, simply because AHCI plays an important role in improving SSD performance.

    Advice. If you plan to change the IDE to AHCI when Windows is not available, only change the BIOS if you cannot edit enter.exe with regedit.

  • The installer almost didn’t find any ready disks installed

    How do I install Windows XP on a new hard drive?

    Make a backup, boot from the Windows XP CD, press enter, conditions, create a new copy and delete the current partition.Create a new partition, click “Size and file system”; After formatting, the installer copies the installation entries into the new partition, and XP starts installing the file.

    I restart Windows XP on any media (ntoskrnl.exe is missing or corrupted). Every time I press the “R” key and the recovery key, I get the following error message:

    The configuration program did not find any problem drives on your computer. Make sure that the hard drives remain powered on and properly connected directly to the computer, and that the drive bay hardware is correct. This may be a diagnostic from the manufacturer or a specialized company, the installation cannot continue. To exit setup, press F3

    hard disk not found on windows xp installation

    Does anyone in the press have any ideas?



    This is because the hard drive is not properly connected. Have a qualified person check the links you really need to make sure they are working. You may need to disconnect and reconnect both ends of the TV cable.

    I suggest you refer to the article below to learn how to fix ntoskrnl.exe.

    Error message: “Windows could not start due to a problem with the computer data configuration media.


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  • The installer did not find any hard drives on my installed computer

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