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How To Fix Angry Birds Star Wars Loading Error.

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    I hope this blog post will help you if you encounter any error while downloading Angry Birds Star Wars.

    1. I got my Z10 on Friday, and as always, of course, it all started with Angry Star birds wars. Anyway case, I installed it, downloaded a certain file and started the process.

      I used to be able to download other apps without problems, but Angry Birds Star Hangs was in that download option after installing based on the 0% bar. Pow control buttonZoe does nothing, and I mention that I can’t delete it. It’s in limbo and I’m going to delete it to try and reinvest it.

      I also tried going through the webshop to delete this task, but every time I delete it, I get “internal server error blocked”.

      I can certainly live without Angry Birds Star Wars, but one thing I want to take out of the Z10’s overall battery life is the graph that when the device seems to be trying to install it regularly, the battery tends to lean low.

      Does anyone know how I can get rid of Angry Birds y and peek again? Has anyone else experienced app or gameplay crashes that depend on installation?



    2. godsend85 avatar < /p>

      Have you tested restarting?

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    sent pb

    03-02-13 11:44

  • I there was just such a problem.

    Why can’t you get Angry Birds Star Wars anymore?

    Instead of constantly replacing old games to keep up with changing devices and market rules, we decided to focus on delivering amazing experiences in some of our active games. Means Angry Birds Classic can no longer be downloaded.

    What happened to me is exactly what I tried, very tough andsoft reboot, complete bliss.

    Any solutions?

    Can you still download Angry Birds Star Wars?

    Angry Star birds Wars, the new hit game from Rovio Entertainment Lucasfilm and Ltd., is now available for iOS, Android, Amazon Fire, kindle Mac, PC, Windows Phone and Windows 8.

    02-09-13 11:09

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    p> avatar of xamdam



    Contact the designer and tell to him. If this problem occurs when installing the game, expect the developer to have a Z10 to test it later.

    02-09-13 11:13

  • am

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  • Why all good names are avatar < /p>

    error while downloading angry birds star wars

    Maybe a good security cleanup would work? However, make sure the TV is connected when you try the product.

    02-09-13 11:18 AM

  • Has anyone figured this out???? I’m going through the same thing right now where the angry birds only get stuck dropping loads. Someone should have an answer to my problem

    11-03-13 21:39

  • Ash_is_good

    < /div>

    < p> I ended up erasing the phone. Maybe a little, but radically, only one element that I could see worked that way. Oh, oh.

    Published via CB10


    04-07-13 01:58

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    p> stefman722's avatar



    < div> ridiculous. That’s no excuse for all those reloads and baby wipes. What a joke. I have a new Z10 and haven’t had any problems yet, but my god! I am very worried about some people and all their problems with the phone.

    Posted since CB10

  • 04/07/13 03:20

  • Div > < < p>

    avatar of Organized_Mayhem


    delicately installed for me without problems .

    error while downloading angry birds star wars

    07-04-13 08:43

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